ghost stories

For those of you who prefer your mysteries spiced with a few supernatural manifestations, we present Ghost Stories: Tales in the genre of Edgar Alan Poe and H. P. Lovecraft that will entertain you and send a shiver up your spine.

Every squeaking door, every creaking floorboard, and every little bump in the night will draw you deeper into the twilight realm where the real and the unreal merge to become one and the same. As an active participant in a Ghost Story, no ordinary, human villains will you stalk. But rather, unspeakable horrors from the dim recesses of man’s imagination will be the game you seek. The unknown will await you at every twist and turn in your investigation. If you are clever, you will learn the secrets of the dreaded thing that threatens you and your fellow guests. And, in the final confrontation, you will be prepared to thwart the specter before it can claim another victim.

dark side


The birthday celebration of a wealthy publisher is marred by a murder which appears to have been committed by a vampire!

- A three day presentation from 8:00 PM Friday 'til 2:00 PM Sunday -

copyright 2011, Night Flower Syndicate (Gaslight Mystery Theatre)




Following the mysterious death of her long lost uncle, Martin, Marjorie Moriarty has inherited her family’s “haunted” mansion. She plans to turn the place into a bed & breakfast, but she lacks the money to make needed renovations. To raise funds she has planned a series of special events at the manor starting with a masquerade ball.

Her preparations have been spoiled by a series of accidents which former household staff have attributed to the actions of an angry ghost that dwells within the manor. They warn that if she continues with her plans, the spirit is likely to become murderous. They say that it has killed several other occupants of the manor over the past 100 years, and Marjorie seems to be next on its list!

It’s an evening of dress-up fun, ghost hunting and murder where you are the detective who must solve the crime in the Murder at Mystery Manor.

- A One Nite Mystery-

copyright 2011, Night Flower Syndicate (Gaslight Mystery Theatre)


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