A Five Minute Mystery


by Jerome Meyer

Three cargo vessels were sunk in 1944 between forty and two hundred miles east of Boston. The three sinkings occurred exactly a month apart. The FBI caught the spy responsible, and it was later shown that the following letter, found in his pocket, had a great deal to do with his conviction. Can you connect the letter with the sinkings and give the exact location and dates of each sinking? Here is the letter:



Dear Eddie:

My triplet sons are now in the navy. The first SON gets $43.00 a month and saved $65.30 already. My second son gets $41.30 a month and has saved up $67.15. My third son gets $42.00 a month and has saved $68.00. All three entered the service on their birthdays, the 24th of March. They are all nice boys and I am proud of their thrift and patriotism.






All the clues are in the letter. Knowing the facts as you do, now it’s your job to interpret the letter.

SOLUTION <highlight below> ___________________________

We know that the ships were sunk a month apart... and in the fall.
The capitalization of the word SON suggests the three fall months:
Sept., Oct., Nov.
The birthday is the 24 th indicating the dates of the sinkings. The salaries indicate
the longitude and latitude of the sinkings:

Vessel 1 sunk: Sept. 24 at Lat 43o N, Long 65o 30' W
Vessel 2 sunk: Oct. 24 at Lat 42o 30' N, Long 67o 15' W
Vessel 3 sunk: Nov. 24 at Lat 42o N, Long 68o W

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