The lights grow dim and in a flicker of candlelight a sinister shadow moves across the wall. A mysterious voice bids you welcome to the macabre world of Gaslight Mystery Theatre, and you and your fellow guests are suddenly plunged into the depths of a mystery. A mystery where you are the detectives who must discover the one among you whose sole purpose for being is murder.

A cryptic message written in blood:
A gunshot:
A scream from the hallway:
A dead body:

The action, not for the faint of heart or feeble of mind, moves quickly. Clues are examined ... Suspects are interrogated ... And, by the end of the show, the killer is captured and a Super Sleuth wins a prize.







with varied themes including 1890's Sherlock Holmes, 1920's Gangsters, 1940's Supper Clubs, 1970's Disco and many more available for all types of functions:

Private Party
Dinner Theater
Team Building
Sales Promotion
P.R. Event

This is not a stage presentation. Our professional troop of actors mingle and interact directly with the audience. Some guests are even given characters to play. Audience participation is essential, though each guest’s level of involvement is completely at his or her own discretion.

In 1981 two role playing game designers, John Diaper and Larry Flournoy of Theatre Of The Mind Enterprises, Inc. (TOME, producers of adventures for Call of Cthulhu, Stormbringer and Tekumel games) decided to create a full scale, real time role playing game based upon a murder mystery. They thought that they would attract “gamers” to their new venture, but, to their amazement found that it had much greater appeal to the general public. They soon realized that they had created a new entertainment genre which they coined “Living Theatre”.

In 1982 they decided to step up from their one night performances. They formed a new company, Gaslight Mystery Theatre, Inc., and staged their first murder mystery weekend at Saint Peter’s Village in Chester County, PA. By the end of 1982 guests were constantly asking if Gaslight Mystery Theatre was running a “Mystery Train” in New Jersey and if they were staging Murder Weekends in London, England (a natural question since John Diaper is British). The answer to both questions was, “No”. – It appeared that there had been something of a murder mystery creative spark in the ether because, at the same time, independently of each other, John and Larry had created Gaslight Mystery Theatre in Pennsylvania. David Landau had created Murder to Go in New York (Mystery Train). And Joy Swift formed Murder Weekends, Ltd in England.

Gaslight Mystery Theatre productions are completely self contained. We provide a Tested Script, a Director, a Staff of Professional Actors, Background Music. and High Quality Props.


Gaslight Mystery Theatre

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